Scholarships donated for manufacturing industry at KCTCS

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems announced a partnership with a company, to provide 50 scholarships for students looking to get into manufacturing. 

What You Need To Know

  • Xometry is donating 50 full-tuition scholarships
  • The scholarships would go toward students looking to get into the manufacturing industry
  • Lt. Gov. Coleman says Kentucky is home to nearly 5000 manufacturing facilities
  • Xometry hopes this donation will encourage Kentuckians to educate themselves in the industry

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman announced on Friday the donation of 50 full-tuition scholarships for students in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

“Their families won’t have to worry about how they can afford college and they won’t have to worry about paying back loans for the next several decades,” Coleman said.

The donation came from a manufacturing company called Xometry. Coleman says these scholarships will help provide opportunities for students looking to go into the industry. 

“Manufacturing is our state’s largest industry and we are home to nearly 5000 manufacturing facilities and employing over 250,000 people statewide,” Coleman said.

Students like Robert Freeman have applied for the scholarship in hopes of continuing his education in the industry, without the added financial stress. 

“It’s very, very beneficial. There are many students that have a great need for it. I’ve talked to some who really stress about the money they have to pay because they don’t have the opportunity to co-op so this will be great for everyone involved,” Freeman said.

Freeman is studying Computerized Manufacturing and Machinery, and hopes to find a job upon graduation in the bluegrass state. 

“I think it’s very important, it’s a great opportunity for everyone involved and just if you stay local you get to really be a part of the community and build on to something that’s already here,” Freeman said.

Coleman hopes these scholarship opportunities will encourage more Kentuckians like Freeman to pursue an education within the manufacturing industry.

The 50 scholarships are a part of Xometry’s pledge to provide scholarships to nearly 250 manufacturing students across the United States. For information on the scholarship, you can go to the KCTCS website.